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Site Setup

So you've decided to use Joomla to power your new website, you're ready to get started but not sure where to begin, how to install it or how to set it up on your server? Having problems getting Joomla running or setting up and configuring it to do what you want? Don't want the trouble of getting it up and running yourself or don't know how?

While most people who are looking to setup or run a new website are quite "tech savvy" at least enough to use and maintain Joomla effectively and for maximum benefit, actually going about setting up a new Joomla installation proves to be daunting.

We are here to make things easier, so you as a client can focus more on your business instead of your website. We can assist with a successful installation, customization and a unique template design suited to your partucular business. We also offer a maintenance or update service should you need a webmaster and can even help should you be seeking a non-Joomla solution.

Site Redesign


Extending Your Site