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maintenance-32 Site Maintenance

Keeping your website up to date and in top shape can be a full time job and a be a bit daunting however it's a vital part of maintaining a strong web precense. Let us take care of the health of your website for you ensuring it's running correctly and functioning as it should.

We can help with keeping your website in tip top running condition by working with you as your "webmaster" and assisting with all the maintenance and optimization leaving you to focus on more important things like your business.

To achieve good search engine results as well as attract new customers, fresh and up to date content as well as regular research into trends and visitors as well as general optimization is required in order to get maximum results i.e. sales from your website. We can work with you to achieve results. If you feel the pressure and need some help simplifying the process, we offer flexible maintenance and webmaster services.

With monthly, quarterly or custom recurrence update options and whether you're an individual or a business, we can help see to it that your stats stay up to date and ahead and will assist you with all web related activities we decide on.

We charge per hour for updates with a minimum charge of one hours work however we do offer discounts to update clients who arrange a regular update strategy and offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or custom recurrence arrangements.