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joomlawebsites-32 Joomla Can Do These Types Of Websites!



Business - Any business website, whether it be a restaurant, B'n'B or insurance company, will always benefit from using a CMS, especially if they want to keep their website current



E-Commerce - If you have products which you would like your clients to order off your website, or even pay for via Credit Card, then a CMS is perfect for you! 



Online Magazine - Every online magazine has to have CMS. There is no question about it. You'll have the ability to add articles, unpublish them, show features on the homepage, and more!



Blogging - Blogging has become very big these days. If you would like a custom designed blog, then we can create it for you



Schools & Religious Organisations - Most schools and religious websites need to have many features for a website, such as calendars, sermon downloaders and latest events.



Property Sales & Management - A CMS is a must-have for any property website. You'll have the ability to add properties to certain areas, maintain image galleries, and more!



Social Networks - Facebook, Myspace, Networkz.... Why not start your own social network? We have the perfect option for you!



Media - If you are wanting to have media driven website where you can add videos and mp3's, then you'll need a CMS.



Corporate Inttranets & Extranets - For all your local intranet + extranet needs, a CMS is the way to manage it.