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Joomla Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who should be looking at a Joomla CMS package ?

  • From small business to large scale companies, if you want a professional looking site that is simple to deploy and use then this package is ideal for you.
  • The Joomla CMS framework is modular which allows you to expand and grow your site as the needs arise. Being an open platform means that help is never far away.

Why should I choose the Joomla CMS package ?

  • We believe the Joomla content management system is user friendly and ideal for a novice computer user or a competent website designer. 
  • You receive a number of "add-ons" that are not necessarily included in other CMS products. 
  • You can create unlimited number of pages - The only restriction is disk space, once you run out of that, you won't be able to create any more pages. 

Can I create my own website designs with the Joomla CMS Package ?

  • Yes, however you will require third party image editing software to create a design & CSS HTML knowledge. The Joomla system allows you to upload new templates however it is a technical process & should not be undertaken unless you have CSS & HTML experience.

Can I edit all the pages on the site ?

  • Yes, you are able to edit all the pages on the CMS platform. This is done through a secure admin login that is password protected. You can assign users privleges to only be able to edit certain sections of the site.
  • There is a front-end edit function that allows you to edit page content without going to the admin section.

Am I restricted to the number of pages I can create ?

  • No, unlike other CMS products out there we don't restricted the number of pages you are able to create. The only limit is the disk space of your hosting package, when you run out of space on your hosting package you will no longer be able to create new pages.

Will I need to pay extra for the shopping basket ?

  • Yes, this is not one of the included features within the Joomla CMS. This can be quoted separately.

Can people purchase with Credit Cards on the shopping basket ?

  • Yes, the shopping basket can be linked to a merchant account, that allows you to accept credit card payment.
  • You will have to consult us as to who your merchant account provider is & if their system is compatible with our basket. It might require some custom development which will be quoted on separately.

What are some possible modules & plugins that I can use on a Joomla site?

  • Real Estate Plugin, Blog Plugin, News Feeds, Video Plugin, Gallery Plugin, Ecommerce Plugin.
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list of plugins for Joomla. Let us know what you are looking for & I am sure we will be able to find it.

Can I have a custom module developed for my site?

  • If you need a custom module for Joomla we can look at creating it for you, there will be custom development cost associated with it though.

Do I need to install any software to run Joomla?

  • No, it is a browser based system, which means all the software is on our side & that all you need to do is login. Requirements are a web browser and Internet connection. You will be provided with login details for your own account

If Imexco designs my website, does that mean I have to host with Imexco?

  • No, we will design your website & then you can host with any hosting company of your choosing. We will upload & set up your website with whichever hosting provider you make use of.

How much will it cost to get my website done with Joomla?

  • We look at your Content Management & website requirements & quote on a per project basis. We also include any necessary modules / plugins you might need.